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Director's Desk

Ms. Priya Mishra Shekhawat

CENTRAL ACADEMY SCHOOLS have been serving the Society in the field of education for the last 40 years. Founded by a great educationist, social worker and a great human being Pt. T.N Mishra with an aim to provide quality education to a large section of India.

Due to his dedication and hard-work, today there are as many as 52 schools under the society, All over Rajasthan, Uttar-Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

Mr. Mishra wanted to provide an education, which was a mix of Indian traditions and modern values, he wanted to inculcate an understanding of India’s vast culture and tradition among the young minds. He understood the importance of modern technology to grow in today’s world. He emphasized on providing an education to the future citizen of India so as to make them fully human, truly Indian and Modern Individuals.

Our Pioneer’s vision is now our dream and motto. At Central Academy it is our endeavor to provide a platform to children where they get an opportunity to learn about social, cultural and technical principles. We aim to foster their character, encourage their inquisitiveness, appraise their creativity and nurture their scientific minds.

I am sure that with our concentrated efforts, dedication of management, Principals and teachers and entire Central Academy Fraternity and blessings of our Founder we are working in the right direction of providing quality education for a better India.


Priya Mishra Shekhawat

Mr. Ashutosh Mishra

Central Academy is a strong 40 year old institution, working in the field of providing quality education.

We believe in changing ourselves with time. We believe in inculcating new ideas in our curriculum. We do realize sitting on our past laurels is not enough but we need to create and recreate ourselves.

At Central Academy, we understand that with times education system has to develop and grow. Technology has become an integral part of today’s world. Hence, the transaction of the curriculum in focusing with technology is imperative now. We understand and value the change.

But one thing remains the same, our dedication to provide quality education and our determination to make Central Academy dynamic institute, catering for overall development of a child.

At Central Academy, we aim to provide an environment for our students , teachers, staff, where they can explore their full potential.

Our vision is to be acknowledged as an institute which provides quality education with modern teaching techniques but with traditional roots intact.


Ashutosh Mishra


Academic Governor's Desk

Welcome to Central Academy Sr. Secondary School

On behalf of the faculty and staff at Central Academy it is my pleasure to welcome you to our school’s website. The school has enjoyed tremendous success for over 40 years and has established many incredible traditions and legacies throughout the years. I sincerely hope you will take the time to look throughout our web pages and enjoy the numerous opportunities available to all the students who are part of our family. Our students are a champion in whatever endeavour they undertake – and we are very proud of everyone’s accomplishments.


Central Academy School aspires to “Empower all Students to Succeed in their World” by providing distinctive and flexible educational programs to meet the diverse needs and interests of our students.

Established in 1973, The school has a proud history of academic excellence based on an educational experience that promotes respect, hard work and achievement.


The motto of the school is “Tamso ma Jyotir gamay” meaning “From darkness, lead me to light" a reference to the founder’s philosophy of educating masses. The lamp of knowledge lit by Central Academy Educational Society is lighting up the path of masses in leading them “ from ignorance to truth”.


Our students enjoy a positive and supportive learning environment responsive to their particular abilities and learning style. Our experienced teachers encourage students to imagine the possibilities, create opportunities and achieve their dreams.


To enrich the learning experience of each child we offer a spectrum of scholastic & co-scholastic activities spread over the academic session. We encourage your child to become involved and engaged outside of the classroom to enhance their school experience.


We are constantly striving to stay on the cutting edge of technology providing a more efficient building, increased communication, and most importantly, preparing our students for the fast-paced world they will face.


Please enjoy navigating our website and enjoy your child’s school experience.

Shobha Pandit
Academic Governor




We firmly believe that each individual is unique and has strengths that are admirable. We strive towards excellence in education which in the case of the child is realization of his / her potential and to channelize it into a purposive direction.


Our educational endeavour aims at the development of the child in a manner of a free flowing river which moves and mingles with all that comes in the way (innumerous experiences) yet leaves impurities behind to emerge in the purest form (unique personality).


As companions of the students through their journey of education preparing them for the known and unknown experiences of life, it is our earnest endevour to: Rekindle their enthusiasm to discover themselves and the world around.


Equip them with tools to build a new tomorrow Awaken their creativity to realize their dreams. Help them grow into complete human beings with enlightened minds and compassion determined to preserve the legacy of this beautiful world.


Ours is a continuously developing community of children and adults working together in an atmosphere where everyone is respected as an entity. Within this unified structure appropriate arrangements are made for all age groups for their growth and development.


We welcome those who wish to be the unfailing companions on this odyssey of the intellect and emotion of the Central Academy MSMSV family, each member exhibiting a sense of pride and an awareness of the obligation that comes from being a part of it.


With best wishes,

Dr. A C Pakrashi