Elf Land

At ELF LAND we understand that children require  guidance  and sympathy  more  than  instructions. We assist our Elves to bring out their potential to the best. We aim to provide   quality  education. Keeping  in  mind  India’s  rich  cultural  heritage, core values are nurtured for the overall development of physique, mind  and spirit  of the Li’l  Elves. This  leads  towards  strong  foundation of intellectual  ability  in co-ordination with  skills.


We foster right  attitudes  and values  with  the motto ’Sanskar Srijan’ at an early  stage. ELF LAND aims to facilitate the growth of young impressionable minds. 


Our teaching aims for the fullest possible development of the child, ultimately preparing him/her for life’s many  rich experiences. With this aim in mind and recognizing the need for a specialized school for young ones,’ ‘ELF LAND’ (an especially designed pre-primary section) was established in the year 2002.


We are  confident  that we  have  sown  the right  seeds to  prepare  the students  to face  life . The fruits of these seeds will be visible when they grow up.